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  1. Hydraulic Cylinders

We design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders or re-manufacture/repair existing cylinders – collection and delivery service available

  1.         Engineering

Our workshop facilities include a variety of lathes, including one with a 3 metre bed.  We also have milling and drilling facilities as well as in-line boring machines. 

  1.       On-site Services

We offer an on-site service ranging from simple oil leaks to major overhaul of hydraulic systems.  This includes design, development and installation of hydraulic components and systems.  We have an on-site portable in-line boring machine for boring bushes and bosses.

  1. Hydraulic Power Packs

Our workshop has the facilities and capabilities to design and build a power pack to meet your requirements.  We supply hydraulic oil as well as update and overhaul existing power packs.


  1. Hydraulic Components

We supply, repair/replace and manufacture hydraulic components ranging from Dowty seals to Ram seals, valves, pumps, motors, maximators, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, accumulators, power packs, filters, hoses and hydraulic oil.


  1.         Consultancy

We offer a system management and preventative maintenance service and schedule.  We also provide a site survey service, this will identify potential faults to minimize costs.


  1.            Projects

We are currently and have been involved in major blue chip company projects such as Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Theme Parks, the Steel Industry, London Theatres and major attractions.  


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